Top Four Ways to Support Independent Businesses in Your Area

sample - Top Four Ways to Support Independent Businesses in Your Area

Up to this point, we have been talking about why you should support independent businesses. Today, we take a look at the best ways at how you can actually support them.

4: Peddle Their Information

By ‘peddling’ we do not, in any way, mean that you should sell their information. When there is a small business or independent firm you want to support, sharing their information with your network can really do wonders. A whopping 96% of most consumers make their purchase decisions based on recommendations of people that they trust. If you vouch for a particular service or business, it must mean that you think that they are worth patronizing.

With social media being so accessible nowadays, one post of a glowing review (if you really mean it) can help the business down the line.


3: Join or Start a Community Event

It is the local events that really help to cast a much needed spotlight on independent businesses. If you can, pool together with other community members and talk about starting an event that can help boost the local tourism and provide revenue for local businesses. A lot of the best festivals around the US all started from the desire to help out small businesses.


2: Avoid Large Conglomerate Events like “Black Friday”

This can be quite difficult when you really think about it. We know that there can be a LOT of tempting deals out there. However, such deals often exist with smaller businesses year round and not just one day or weekend.


1: Buy Local

This is, of course, the very best way that you can show that your support small businesses. No matter where you live, there are tons of independent companies that you can support. All you need to do is look them up in local directories and you will be sure to find their information.

When you buy local or patronize small businesses, you open yourself up to the massive benefits of doing so.


As You Can See…

It doesn’t really take much to throw in your support to the independent heroes of your community. We say heroes because the present economy is super scary. It takes a lot of guts to keep at a small business, providing job opportunities for the locals or any transients, and paying taxes that go into bettering the community. When you help them, you essentially help yourself.

Which of the four ways we discussed is something you’re willing to try out?

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